City Facility Management Division

The City Facility Management Division manages the City’s real assets and building improvements including maintenance of 88 city-owned buildings by investing in the maintenance of historical buildings.

This Division is responsible for records management, property management, maintenance services, energy management, City Hall operations, Fountain Square/Skywalks, and architecture design services, and building rehab.

We also oversee contracts and agreements with 3CDC to maintain Fountain Square in a safe and clean condition. For information about obtaining a permit for Fountain Square, please contact 3CDC at

Our services include:

  • Architecture Design: Architectural, engineering, interior, and graphic design for City-owned buildings
  • Building Rehab: Rehabilitation to extend the life and/or value of City-owned buildings
  • City Hall Operations:  Maintaining historic City Hall
  • Energy Management: Opportunities to purchase at lower rates
  • Facility Maintenance:  Maintain city-owned facilities
  • Fountain Square/Skywalks:  Maintaining Fountain Square and Skywalk sections in a clean, safe condition
  • Property Management:  Space allocation and rent collection