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Short Vine Streetscape Improvement

May. 5

Short Vine Streetscape Improvement

As part of the City of Cincinnati’s ongoing investment in the neighborhood of Corryville, the Department of Transportation and Engineering will soon begin streetscape improvements on Vine Street (from Daniels to Corry), and on Charlton Street and Daniels Street (from Jefferson to Vine).

The City’s contractor, Adleta Inc., will perform the following work on all three streets: installing new concrete sidewalks, curb ramps, commercial driveways, tree wells, traffic signs/sign poles, street lighting poles and luminaries.

The new sidewalks on Vine Street will be wider than existing. Vine Street will also have bollards, and benches installed, traffic signal modifications, utility undergrounding, and street rehabilitation of the existing pavement.

Charlton and Daniels will also have new curbs and meters installed.

The following traffic restrictions apply:

  • Jefferson Avenue: From 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., all lanes will be open and available to traffic. At all other times, at least two 11' lanes will be open and available to traffic (one lane in each direction).
  • Charlton Street, Daniels Street, Corry Street and Glendora Avenue: At least two 10' lanes will remain open and available to traffic, or flagging operations will be used to move traffic around the work site.
  • Vine Street: One direction of travel may be closed; traffic will be maintained in the opposite direction. Flagging operations will be used to move traffic around the work site as necessary.

During all non-working hours, all streets not permanently closed shall be open and available for the movement of traffic. Access for emergency vehicles, businesses and residents shall be maintained at all times.

Drivers are encouraged to reduce their speed and use caution when approaching the closure area.

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