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Transportation & Engineering


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East Walnut Hills Two-Way Project

Due to the success of the Taft Road and McMilllan Street two-way conversion project in Walnut Hills, East Walnut Hills residents and businesses have asked that the City consider two-way operation on East McMillan Street, Taft Road, and Woodburn Avenue in that neighborhood as well.

I-71 & Martin Luther King Drive Interchange

A new, full interchange will be constructed at I-71 and Martin Luther King Drive to reduce travel time, simplify wayfinding and promote economic vitality in the Uptown area. The project is being managed by the Ohio Department of Transportation, and construction is being funding by the City of Cincinnati and the State of Ohio. The project began in July of 2014, and is scheduled to be complete in Spring of 2017.

Liberty Street Safety Improvement Study

The Liberty Street Safety Improvement Study is investigating potential safety improvements for Liberty Street between Central Parkway and Reading Road.

Lunken Trail Repaving Project

The segment of Lunken Trail along Wilmer Avenue will be repaved and widened during the summer of 2015.

Marburg Avenue Bridge Replacement Project

The Marburg Avenue Bridge is reaching the end of its useful life and must be replaced. Design is underway and will continue through late 2015, with construction scheduled for 2017.

Northside Arterial Project

The Northside Arterial Project aims to improve safety and capacity on Northside streets within the study area and to address traffic pattern changes related to the Interstate 74/Colerain Avenue interchange project.

Red Bank Expressway: U.S. 52 To I-71

Improvements to Red Bank Expressway from Columbia Parkway (US 50) to I-71 are being designed as part of the Eastern Corridor Program, in coordination with the Ohio Department of Transportation, Hamilton County and Clermont County. The Eastern Corridor Program is a regional effort that integrates roadway network improvements, new rail transit  options, expanded bus service, bikeways and walking paths to improve travel and access between Greater Cincinnati’s eastern communities and its central employment, economic and social centers.

West Martin Luther King Drive

The purpose of this project is to address roadway safety concerns along West Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (West MLK Drive) from near West McMicken Avenue to Clifton Avenue.

Western Hills Viaduct

The Western Hills Viaduct is reaching the end of its design life and is in need of reconstruction/replacement.

Westwood Trail Phase 2

Westwood Trail Phase 2 will extend the existing trail at the Dunham Recreation Center .58 miles west to the Western Sports Mall driveway on Glenhills Way. The extension will connect the Dunham Recreation Center, Dater High School, Western Hills University High School, several residential neighborhoods, grocery stores, shopping centers, and a sports mall.