Health Department

Health Department

Reproductive Health & Wellness

Do you need birth control, family planning, or regular gynecological care? You can get all those things and more at the Cincinnati Health Department's Primary Care Health Centers.

To schedule an appointment call 513-357-7320. For questions call our hotline at 513-357-7341.

Syphilis Prevention

The Reproductive Health and Wellness Program (RWHP) or the body shop, is a five-year grant awarded by the Ohio Department of Health to the Cincinnati Health Department and is funded by the federal Title X program. The primary objective of this program is to provide access to contraceptives and reproductive health services to the men and women of Hamilton County, especially to the most underserved populations, so as to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, and ultimately, the number of poor pregnancy outcomes. Through these direct services, education and outreach, the program also hopes to cultivate a culture of responsibility, well-being, and empowerment in regards to sexuality and reproductive health. In addition, we provide reproductive health care services to teens, and these services can be made confidential upon request.  If you need confidential birth control, STI testing, or other services please be sure to ask for it when you’re registering for your appointment. To date, we’ve enrolled over 8,000 individuals, and continue to grow, learn, and serve.



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