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E-Filing/Online Payments

Who Can E-File?

Individuals: We offer E-File for the annual tax returns for individuals and the option of making a payment.

Businesses: E-File provides an easy-to-use system that allows businesses to make withholding and estimated tax payments through ACH Debit. Employers can also use this application to E-File their year-end withholding reconciliation and to submit their W-2 and 1099-Misc information electronically.

Tax Professionals: E-File can also simplify the process of determining payments and credits made in the current tax year for clients with an active Cincinnati tax account.

Electronic Filing Disclaimer

The City of Cincinnati has entered into an agreement with InSource Solutions Group, Inc. to foster electronic filing. As a convenience to taxpayers, the City of Cincinnati has provided a link to InSource Solutions Group, Inc.’s website to make it possible to file your City of Cincinnati tax return electronically. The City of Cincinnati does not endorse or warrant the products or services being provided by InSource Solutions Group, Inc. The decision to use or not to use any of these products and services will not result in any special treatment from the City of Cincinnati. The City of Cincinnati is committed to enabling all taxpayers to comply with their filing obligations.

The City of Cincinnati cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information generated by the online filing tool. Please be advised that if you choose to file your City of Cincinnati tax return electronically, the City may correct the tax return or require you to resubmit, revise or amend your tax return with accurate data.

If you have any questions about filing your City of Cincinnati tax return electronically, please contact Steve Abbott at or 513-352-3846.

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