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Trash Carts To 'Thursday' Neighborhoods

Trash Carts For 'Thursday' Neighborhoods

This week, the City started delivering trash carts to neighborhoods with Thursday pickup*.

These neighborhoods are scheduled to receive carts through the rest of July and into August:

Avondale, Camp Washington, Clifton, Clifton Heights, Corryville, Fairview, Mount Auburn, North Avondale,
Over the Rhine, Paddock Hills, Pendleton, Walnut Hills, West End

After that: Households with Friday pickup!

*We're also still working on delivery to some homes with Wednesday pickup. Thanks for your patience through this process!

Cart Delivery Stats

So far, we've delivered more than 56,000 carts (to households with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday trash service).

Yard Waste

Yard waste is collected every-other week (same day as recycling). Please be sure yard waste is separated from your regular trash.

Swapping Carts

You can swap for a larger or smaller cart, depending on your needs. You'll only receive one cart, but please try it out for 2 weeks before deciding if you want to swap. It can take several weeks to complete an order, so thanks for your patience!

Amnesty Weeks

Trash Amnesty Weeks will be announced around certain holidays, so that you can set out more holiday-related trash than fits inside the cart without penalty.


You can reduce your amount of trash by recycling -- and you can get more than one recycling cart if you need it! Order online at

More Information

Visit the Trash webpage for more details, including Important Trash Dos and Don'ts.

Thank you for your help in keeping Cincinnati clean!