Division of Purchasing

Division of Purchasing

Vendor Registration

Vendors that want to do business with the City of Cincinnati should register online with the Vendor Self-Service (VSS) system.

All vendors must be registered before doing business with the City.


There is no cost for vendor registration. In the past vendors were charged $55 annually, but the City eliminated that policy in September 2015.

How To Register

1.  Download the VSS User's Manual and follow the instructions.

2.  Complete the vendor registration process on the Vendor Self Service (VSS) website. (Click on "Register.")

3.  Complete your W-9 Form from the Internal Revenue Service (including signature and date). Please mail your completed form to our offices.

4.  Sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer payments to your bank. If you would like to receive payments for your goods and services via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), please fill out the Credit Authorization Agreement. You will then receive payments directly to your bank electronically rather than receiving a printed check.

Online Bids

The Purchasing Division accepts online bids for certain solicitations.