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City Manager's Statement: Parking Ruling

Here is a statement from City Manager Milton Dohoney, Jr. on the decision by the Hamilton County Court of Appeals regarding the City’s Parking Lease and Modernization Plan:

"Today, I’m pleased that the Court of Appeals has ruled in the City's favor. I want to commend the City Solicitor and his team for their work. It is very important that government be able to enact legislation on an emergency basis to provide service to the community. The decision is a victory for the voters of Cincinnati who voted for emergency clauses in their Charter.

On behalf of the City, I want to thank the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, 3CDC, Port of Cincinnati, Uptown Consortium and many members of the development and business community for supporting our legal position.

The parking deal is still about accelerating the city's growth to bring more people, more jobs and more revenue to the local economy. I continue to look for ways to bring more money into the city to provide all the neighborhood services that our citizens value. This parking deal is good for the people of Cincinnati.

The plans from here are:

The City will sign the Parking Lease and Modernization Plan with the Port of Greater Cincinnati upon the trial court signing the actual orders. 

The City cannot commit the money in the parking plan until there is legal certainty around the funds. Once there is legal certainty, the Administration will look at the budget to determine if there are items that may need to be revisited and bring those before Members of City Council, as appropriate.

The Tower Place apartments and grocery store project is moving forward.  We are asking Council to pass the development deal today so that the developers have the city's commitment and can move ahead with their financing. If we wait any longer on the parking deal, we put this deal at risk. With the housing capacity issue downtown and decade-long cry for a grocery store, we must move forward.

When we are able, it is my intention to communicate to the State our participation in the MLK/I-71 Interchange project. We need the 7,000 jobs it will create, and the 7 neighborhoods need the improved quality of life it will restore for them."