Streets & Roads

  1. How can I report a pothole?
    Just visit 5916000.com or call 513-591-6000.
  2. How can I report an abandoned or illegally parked car?
    If the vehicle is abandoned, please call 513-591-6000 or visit 5916000.com. If the vehicle is illegally parked, please call the Cincinnati Police Department at 513-765-1212.
  3. How can I get my street swept?
    The City sweeps streets on a quarterly schedule. If you have a special request, please call 513-591-6000.
  4. Will my street be repaved soon?
    The City's Street Rehabilitation Program identifies streets in Cincinnati's 52 neighborhoods to be repaved. Streets are chosen based on their condition after a neighborhood-wide review of all streets. The goal is to work in each neighborhood at least once every 3 years. For the most recent list of streets, please see the Street Rehabilitation Program.
  5. Who can remove a dead animal from the road?
    Please call 591-6000 or visit 5916000.com.
  6. How can I report damage from a pothole or City equipment?
    To file a claim, contact Customer Service at 513-591-6000 or contact the department involved in the Claim directly. Please make note of date, time, street address and equipment number of any City equipment involved. Pothole damage will need a specific address, description of the lane (ex: inbound, outbound, curb lane, etc.), along with any insurance damage claims.
  7. How do I report street light or signal outages?
    Please call 513-591-6000 or visit 5916000.com.
  8. Who do I contact about blocked roads, mud slides, wall failures and trees downed in the roadway?
    Please call the Cincinnati Police Department at 911 for urgent issues regarding roadways.

Parks & Recreation Facilities

  1. When do Cincinnati Recreation pools open for the summer and close for winter?
    Please call CRC's InfoLine at 513-352-4000 for details on this year's opening and closing dates in your neighborhood.
  2. How do I reserve a Parks facility?
    To reserve one of our Premier Facilities (Ault Park Pavilion, Alms Park Pavilion, Mt. Echo Pavilion, French House, Berry International Friendship Park Pavilion, Krohn Conservatory, Maple Ridge Lodge and Oak Ridge Lodge), call Premier Park Events at 513-221-2610.
    • To rent a picnic shelter or wedding area for your special event or meeting, call 513-357-2604.
    • For Special Use Permits, applications are on the Cincinnati Parks website or call 513-357-2605.
    • For Parking Passes, Photography Permits and Metal Detector Permits, call 513-357-2604.

Income Taxes

  1. Who pays City income tax?
    Anyone who lives or works in Cincinnati is subject to the 2.1% income tax regardless of age or income level. A tax return is required unless the taxpayer is an employee whose only taxable income are wages and the employer withholds the Cincinnati income tax.  Common questions regarding the City’s income tax can be found on the City Income Tax webpage or by calling the Income Tax Division at 513-352-3838 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Property tax questions should be sent to the Hamilton County Auditor.

Building & Zoning Issues

  1. How can I get a building permit?
    The staff of the Business Development & Permit Center is happy to help you with building permits. The Center is located at 805 Central Ave., Suite 500, across the street from City Hall. It is open Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 513-352-4306 for help on permits for your project.
  2. Who do I contact about building and zoning problems?
    Please call 513-591-6000 or visit 5916000.com. Your request will be sent to the appropriate department, depending on the type of issue.
  3. Who can I call about bed bugs, roaches, rats and other pests?
    Please call 513-591-6000 or visit 5916000.com.

Water & Sewers

  1. How can I report sewer backups into my basement?
    Please call 513-352-4900. Operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or report your sewer backup online. Please note, you must report the problem immediately (within 24 hours of first noticing it) to MSD's Customer Call Center.
  2. How can I report a broken water main?
    Call 513-591-7700 to report water main breaks or leaks 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. Be sure to give the street address and cross street or intersection.