May Construction Update

May. 22

Water Works replaces water mains in Over-the-RhineCincinnati Streetcar May Construction Update

Greater Cincinnati Water Works is currently in the process of replacing water mains to allow for construction to begin on the Streetcar. The focus of water main replacement at this time is along Elm Street. Race Street main replacement is scheduled to begin soon.

Elm Street between 12th and Liberty Streets

  • Main replacement is taking place currently on the 1400 block of Elm Street
  • Construction is right on schedule and is expected to be finished by the end of June

Intersection of Elm and Findlay Streets

  • Crews are in the process of laying pipe, making their way towards Henry Street
  • Work at this intersection should be completed by July

The water main replacement that is taking place in order to further progress on the Streetcar is typical replacement that occurs annually. Water Works has coordinated the process in order to minimize costs and reduce inconveniences for Cincinnatians.

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