Small Business Advisory Committee


The Small Business Advisory Committee (the "SBAC")  was established by Cincinnati City Council in April, 2012.  The SBAC will act as a voice for the concerns of small businesses located within the City of Cincinnati, will advise the Mayor and City Council on their needs, and will guide city leaders on decisions relating to economic development and small business services.  To read the full motion creating the commission, click here.

Board Members

The SBAC is comprised of a City Council representative and board members appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council.  Board members include a diverse group of small business owners and representatives from organizations working with and advising small businesses.  The SBAC also includes staff liaisons from the City Administration.  All members serve two-year terms.  Below is a list of current SBAC members.

City Council Representative

Councilmember Yvette Simpson

Board Members

Bob Bonder, Tazza Mia/1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab (Co-Chair)

Denyse Ferguson, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce (Co-Chair)

Alicia Townsend, Cincinnati Development Fund, Inc. (Co-Chair)

Zamaris Boehm, PNC Bank

Michael Chikeleze, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

Glenn Clevenger, U.S. Small Business Administration

Elizabeth Edwards, Metro Innovation

Greg Edwards, Edwards Capital Corp.

Thomas Fernandez, SFA Architects, Inc.

Mary Jane Good, Southern Ohio SCORE

Candace Klein, Bad Girl Ventures, Inc.

David Main, Hamilton County Development Corp.

Sheila Mixon, Urban League of Greater Cincinnati

Angelita Moreno-Jones, Eastern Personnel Services, Inc.

Mikio Nishizu, Frost Brown Todd LLC

Kathleen Norris, Brandt Retail Group

Christ Ostoich, BlackbookHR

Joyce Powdrill, J. Powdrill & Associates

Sean Rugless, Greater Cincinnati African American Chamber of Commerce

Marjorie Solomon, Ohio River Valley Women's Business Council

Tyronne Stuckey, TYS Construction Services

Vance VanDrake, Ulmer & Berne LLP/Greater Cincinnati Venture Association

Mike Wagner, Cincinnati Neighborhood Business Districts United, Inc.

Xiaojie (Shau) Zavon, Greater Cincinnati Chinese Chamber of Commerce

City of Cincinnati Staff Liaisons

Bill Fischer, Economic Development Department

Eric Denson, Economic Development Department

Rochelle Thompson, Contract Compliance