Permits, Rentals & Fees

Permits, Rentals & Fees

CRC facilities are available for rent with the appropriate permits.

2015 Field Permit Request

Permit Rules & Regulations

Field Permits/Rentals, except Armleder and Roselawn
Youth - 18 and under (all athletic programs)                $5.00/3 hr./per day
Cincinnati Public Schools                                            Free
Adults & non-profit organizations
Team Practices & League Play                                   $15.00/3 hr.

NOTE: There are no refunds for permits. In case of rainouts or unplayable conditions, a credit will be permitted for another date and time within 30 days. Do not use CRC fields when their condition deems them unplayable or when such use will damage the fields or cause injury to players. Spectator fees or charging for admission on City property are prohibited. See CRC rule #9 in Fees & Charges book– Refuse and Damages to Property.

Permits - Otto Armleder Memorial Park (5057 Wooster Pike, 45226)

Adult & Youth                                                              $15.00/3hr. per day
All Sports Events                                                         $60.00/team or $15.00/hr
Lights                                                                           $35.00/hr. plus $15.00 light attendant*
Concession permit                                                      $30.00/day
*$100 key deposit required if no light attendant is available.

Field Rental – Roselawn

7-inning game                                                              $100.00+lights
9-inning game                                                              $125.00+lights
Lights                                                                           $35.00/hr.
Youth Game                                                                 $35.00/game+lights
Youth Tournament Game                                             $60.00/game+lights

Boat Launching Ramps - Schmidt and Riverside      $10.00 per launch
--Ramp usage fee charged at all times--
Special Event Parking Fee                                           $10.00

Aquatic Facility Rentals

Pool rentals available outside of normal pool operating hours
(Three hour minimum)
Outdoor deep water                                                     $125.00/hr.
Outdoor shallow water (LeBlond and Mt. Adams)         $60.00/hr.
Outdoor shallow water (at Evanston)                           $200.00/hr.
Otto Armleder Memorial Regional Aquatic Center (at Dunham)            $450.00/hr.
Otto Armleder Memorial Aquatic Complex (at Hanna Park)                  $200.00/hr.
Otto Armleder Memorial Family Aquatic Complex (at Hirsch)               $200.00/hr.
Indoor pool (Mt. Auburn warm water)                                                  $55.00/hr.

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Recreation & Senior Center Rentals 
                                                      Regular Operating Hours                   Weekend/After Hours
Multi Purpose Room                                        $35.00/hr.                                $65.00/hr.
Gym                                                                 $50.00/hr.                                $80.00/hr.
Kitchen, not available at every site and may not be rented alone                     $20.00/hr.
Skating Rink
     (including skates & sound system, 2 hr. min.) $60.00/hr.                            $90.00/hr.

*Theater (Westwood Town Hall)                      $45.00/hr.                                $75.00/hr.
Theater Production rates available for extended usage. Call for rates.
50% Non-Refundable Reservation/Security Fee (may be required)

NOTE: Additional staff cost may apply based on group size.
All rentals are based on room and staff availability.
Multiple, same day, room rentals for Weekend/After Hours, first room at weekend/after hours rate, additional rooms at regular operation hour rate.

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Lunken Playfield Trail
Group rates (with advance permission)

     500 or fewer participants                            $25.00/hr.
     501–1,000 participants                               $50.00/hr.
     1,001–2,000 participants                            $75.00/hr.

Bicycle Rental at Lunken Playfield
Single speed (includes helmet)                       $9.00/first hr. ($3.00 ea. add’l 1/2 hr.)
Helmet (without bike rental)                             $2.00
Trailer for children
     With bike rental                                           $5.00
     Without bike rental                                      $9.00

Picnic Pavilion Rentals

Lunken Playfield
Monday – Thursday                                         $125.00/day
Friday – Sunday (& Holidays)                           $175.00/day                                                    
To reserve the shelter at Lunken, please call Bill Bailey at the Madisonville Recreation Center at

Dunham, Otto Armleder Memorial Park and Riverside
Monday – Thursday                                           $115.00/day
Friday – Sunday (& Holidays)                            $165.00/day

To reserve the shelter at Dunham, please call the Dunham Center at 513-251-5862.
To reserve the shelters at Armleder Park and Riverside, call Athletics at 513-352-4020.

Field & Tennis Court Permit Requirements
All youth head/lead coaches using Cincinnati Recreation Commission facilities must have a current National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) certification through the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS). Coaches governed by the Ohio High School Athletic Association will be exempt. Payments must be made before permits are issued. Permits will not be issued without verified NYSCA certification.

You must provide:

  • league schedule for the current season
  • list of coaches using CRC fields
  • a completed  2015 Field & Court Request Form - mail or fax to CRC. (See above to get copy of form)

Cincinnati Recreation Commission
805 Central Avenue, Suite 800
Cincinnati, OH 45202
FAX: 513-352-1605

 Request a Field or Tennis Court - Registration Dates

  •  Spring/Summer

Returning Organizations: Requests due the first Monday of February
Open Registration for First-Time Organizations: Begins second Tuesday of March

  •  Fall

    Returning Organizations: Requests due the first Monday of June
    Open Registration for First-Time Organizations: Begins third Monday of July

Tennis Court Rates
For more information on tennis courts at Lunken, call Lindner Tennis Center at Lunken, 513-321-1772. All other CRC tennis courts, call CRC Athletics, 513-352-4020.

Youth Organizations                           $5 per hour per court
Adults                                                  $8 per hour per court

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Complete 2015 CRC Fees & Charges

For more information about Permits, Rentals & Fees, call the CRC Athletics Division at 513-352-4020 or the CRC InfoLine at 513-352-4000.