Cincinnati Recreation Commission

Thanks for Supporting Cincinnati Recreation Foundation

Oct. 17


Thanks for Supporting Cincinnati Recreation Foundation

Thank you for celebrating the Halloween season with CRC and enjoying a live performance of “Dracula” – a fundraiser benefitting Cincinnati Recreation Foundation (CRF). CRF supports CRC by supplementing its services and raising money for CRC programs. If you missed “Dracula,” it’s not too late to donate.

The proceeds of the Dracula fundraiser – held at the Covedale Theater on Wednesday night, October 16 – benefit the therapeutic recreation programs of the Cincinnati Recreation Commission. The Cincinnati Recreation Commission’s Therapeutic Recreation Division is recognized among the best in the nation.

CRC’s Therapeutic Recreation offers many programs for individuals with disabilities including bowling, wheelchair football and tennis, arthritis aquatics, and Miracle League Baseball. For more complete information about programs visit the TR portion of the CRC website.


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