Cincinnati Recreation Commission

CRC Kids Show Their Stuff at the Annual “I CAN SWIM!” Derby

Aug. 8

 On Wednesday, August 7, more than 300 CRC daycamp children participated in the annual “I CAN SWIM!” Derby. The Derby was a combination of swimming skills and fun – all in conjunction with the “I CAN SWIM!” program.

CRC’s “I CAN SWIM!” Project is American Red Cross instruction designed to help swimmers of all ages begin, develop and refine their swimming skills.

“I CAN SWIM!” is dedicated to the memory of Cameron Jeff (age 10) and his brother Bryce (age 8), who tragically drowned in a neighbor’s backyard pool because they were unable to swim. Spearheaded by their parents, the “I CAN SWIM!” project aims to give meaning to Cameron and Bryce’s heartbreaking deaths. Mrs. Jeff (Cameron’ and Bryce’s mother) spoke candidly to the kids about the importance of swim lessons and being comfortable around the water.

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