Cincinnati Recreation Commission

CRC Gets National Publicity!

Aug. 29

Earlier this month, NBC National News interviewed a group of CRC teens about their thoughts on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech and his legacy. The piece aired nationally on August 21 and can be seen on CRC’s Facebook page.

Congratulations to ­­­the CRC kids whose wonderful thoughts and ideas led to their minutes of fame…

Sasha Cohn (age 12, Dunham); Ray Conroy (age 12, Dunham);
David Harper (age 15, OTR/Teen Staff); Mariah Johnson (age 15,
Winton Hills/Teen Staff); Blake Ware (age 12, Dunham);
Christina Soto (age 15, Dunham/Archery);
Ishan Walker (age 15, Winton Hills)

There for support & in the camera’s view (but not interviewed) -
Andy Pollard (age 14, Dunham/Archery); Kaleb Findley (age 13, Dunham/Archery)

Way to go!

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