Price Hill Recreation Center & Pool

After a $4,155,500 renovation, Price Hill Recreation Center was officially re-opened on March 31, 2015. A grand re-opening is scheduled for Dempsey Aquatic Center in May 2015. The many construction improvements of the renovation project upgraded the spaces and increased your enjoyment. To safely upgrade the facility, the Price Hill Recreation Center closed September 2013 for construction.

Pictures of Grand opening ceremony

 A $4,155,500 renovation is slated for Price Hill Recreation Center and the Dempsey Aquatic Center.  The many construction improvements of the renovation project will upgrade the spaces and increase your enjoyment. To safely upgrade the facility, the Price Hill Recreation Center is scheduled to close September 2, 2013 for construction. The Center will tentatively reopen February 2, 2015. The pool will be closed for the 2014 season, and will be open for the 2015 season.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held October 1 to mark the beginning of renovations at the Price Hill Recreation Center. Not your typical groundbreaking, a wall containing black and white photos of the center and grounds was smashed with sledgehammers to represent the “out with the old, in with the new” mentality.

 At the Recreation Center itself, a new addition will be built on the parking-lot side of the building which will be home to the center’s offices. The entire interior of the building will be renovated, the fitness room will be expanded and a multipurpose room and additional windows will be added. The entry for the recreation center building will be moved closer to the parking lot. Also, the parking lots will be renovated and will become one lot to provide more usable spaces.

 At Dempsey Aquatic Center, a totally new pool with zero-depth entry, six lap lanes, spray features and a two-flume slide will be added. The pool will be accessible via a ramp at the zero-depth entry and a chairlift in the lap lanes. The pool building will have restrooms for the pool and ballfields. A new concession window on the pool building will provide refreshments during your swim or ball game.

 With new greenspace, landscaping, improved accessibility of site amenities, and new site signage, the Price Hill Recreation Complex will be a better space for you!


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