Clifton Recreation Center

We are excited about the many changes that will be happening at the Clifton Recreation Center - $1.6 million worth! In order for these changes to safely take place, the Clifton Recreation Center is scheduled to close September 2, 2013 and will tentatively reopen December 1, 2014.

 A groundbreaking “paper tearing” ceremony was held October 29 to mark the beginning of renovations at the Clifton Recreation Center. An artist’s rendering of the new center was transferred to strips of vinyl – thanks to Happen, Inc. – which was weaved into a chain link fence by Clark Montessori students. This was covered with a picture of the existing center which was torn off to reveal the rendering of the new center underneath.

Also part of the ceremony, was the unveiling of a check from Clifton Town Meeting which donated $2200 for new AV equipment at the center.

Pictures from the groundbreaking event

The Center will be expanded with a two-story addition on the parking lot side of the building. The addition will house the new front desk, an elevator and a stair case which will provide access to both floors of the building. Restrooms on both levels of the building will be renovated and the building’s public spaces will be fully accessible when the renovation is complete.


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