Cincinnati Recreation Commission

Cincinnati Recreation Commission

Program Guidelines

Guidelines For Parents & Guardians

We strive to achieve a safe environment and a positive program experience for all participants. Parents and guardians are asked to abide by the following guidelines:

Prior to participating in any T.R. program, each participant must have a current Program Registration Form, complete with parent/guardian signature, on file in the Therapeutic Recreation Office. Please include all information requested to help the T.R. staff take appropriate precautions when planning the program. It is essential that we have a phone number where the parent/guardian can be reached during the program hours.

The T.R. staff members are not responsible for the supervision of participants before or after the designated program times.

The T.R. staff members are not responsible for providing or arranging transportation from the center to the participant’s home at the conclusion of the program.

If someone other than the parent/guardian will be picking up a participant at the conclusion of the program, advance written notification must be given to the program director.

A late pick-up fee of $5 for each quarter-hour will be assessed to any parent/guardian who is late picking up the participant at the conclusion of the program.

The T.R. staff members are not responsible for participants who travel independently to and from the program site once they have left the program site.

If a participant (who does not travel independently) leaves the program site during program hours, every effort will be made to return the participant to the program site. If this cannot be done without risk of injury to the participant or staff member, or if this results in lack of adequate supervision of the other participants, the parent/guardian will be contacted to take responsibility for the participant.

The following guidelines are used in managing behavior:

  • The T.R. staff members are instructed to use positive reinforcement and to provide a structured program in order to minimize negative behaviors. If negative behavior should occur, a brief time-out is the approved method of behavior management. If a behavior plan has been developed through school, or if you have specific techniques used at home, please inform the T.R. staff so we may support your efforts.
  • If, in the opinion of the T.R. staff, a participant becomes unmanageable and potentially dangerous to themselves, other participants or staff members, the parent/guardian will be contacted to take the participant home. If the parent//guardian is unable to be reached or does not respond shortly, the T.R. staff may be required to call for police assistance.

For participants with specific health/medical issues:

  • Due to the physical requirements of some activities, participants with certain health/medical conditions may be asked to provide a physician’s written consent prior to participation.

For participants requiring medication during program hours:

  • All medication must be in proper prescription bottles with instructions for administration on the label. Please send only the exact dosage to be administered during the program hours, as staff are not permitted to accept larger doses. A medication waiver form must be completed and submitted in order for the T.R. staff to administer the medication.

Guidelines for Residential Agencies:

  • If a group of four or more participants from a specific agency attend a T.R. program, we request a staff member from the agency attends the program and assists the T.R. staff in leading the activities. Larger groups of participants from a single agency may require additional agency staff.

In the event your agency will not be attending a program for which you have registered, please notify the T.R. office in advance. If the decision not to attend is made late, please notify the center where the program is to be held to inform the T.R. staff.

An agency may send an unregistered participant to a program in place of a registered participant if a Participant Information Form for the new participant has been submitted to the office and we are given advance notification of the substitution.

Agency staff attending events or outings must provide the necessary payment for meals and/or admission fees.