Cincinnati Recreation Commission

Cincinnati Recreation Commission


What Is Inclusion?

Inclusion means individuals with and without disabilities participate in recreational activities together.

Meeting the recreational needs of a diverse community is fundamental to the purposes of the Cincinnati Recreation Commission. Including individuals with disabilities in all programs and services is required by law and is consistent with our intentions to serve all citizens.

Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The person with a disability has the right to:

Participate: A person with a disability has the right to participate in any Cincinnati Recreation Commission program as long as he or she meets the "essential eligibility" requirements for the program. Essential eligibility requirements include things such as: age limits, fee requirements, registration deadlines and program capacity.

Reasonable Accommodations: A person with a disability has the right to request an accommodation in order to participate, or participate more successfully. Accommodations may include: increased supervision, accessible transportation, activity adaptations, adapted equipment and other types of supports. An accommodation request may only be denied by the Department Director.

Behavior Management: An individual with a disability may be removed from a program if they exhibit behavior which is considered a direct threat to other participants and if this behavior cannot be reduced or eliminated through accommodations. Staff must implement strategies to address the direct threat behavior. If these strategies are not successful in reducing or eliminating the behavior, the participant may be removed from the program with supported documentation.

Reference: The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability article "Recreation Access Rights" by John N. McGovern

Inclusion Support Staff

  • Alayne Kazin,CTRS Service Area Coordinator
  • Adam Ayers, CTRS, CDSS, Inclusion Coordinator
  • Teresa Miller, Inclusion Specialist
  • Cecille Domingo-Jones, CTRS, CDSS, Inclusion Specialist
  • Ashley Daugherty, CTRS, Inclusion Specialist

Key Contacts

  • General Information: Sandy Cloud-Heyob (513)-352-4028
  • Adam Ayers, CTRS,CDSS (513)-352-4629