SBE Green Business Education

SBE Green Business Education Program - Now Online!

The Green Cincinnati Plan is a roadmap for how Cincinnati can become a national leader in addressing global climate change -- and make Cincinnati a healthier place to live. Engaging the small business sector in the Green Cincinnati Plan is an important element in building a globally competitive local economy.

The Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program includes sustainability education and training to assist small businesses in their transition to sustainable operations.

The SBE Green Business Education Program consists of webinars, brown bag workshops, online sustainability training, a sustainability assessment and report, and technical assistance to develop a sustainability action plan. Businesses participating in the program can receive an Advanced Sustainability Education Certificate and/or SEMS™ Certification from the City of Cincinnati Office of Contract Compliance. SEMS™ is an acronym for Supplier Excellence in Managing Sustainability.

Sustainability Planning Workshop Registration & Online Tutorial

This FREE workshop is open to all MBEs, WBEs and SBEs in the Greater Cincinnati area. The six workshops are being hosted by the City of Cincinnati Office of Contract Compliance and the Green Cincinnati SBE Collaborative in May, June and July at TechSolve Business Park. You must attend a workshop to access the online sustainability planning tutorial and template.

The training offers:

  • A combination of one workshop and online planning tutorial, available 24/7
  • A focus on developing Green Economy skills, such as sustainability planning and environmental auditing
  • Flexible Spring and Summer sessions
  • One-on-one instructor attention
  • Free enrollment in Cincinnati's Green SBE Network

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Cincinnati is one of more than 1,000 U.S. cities that has committed to reducing its contribution to global climate change.