The Banks Project Contractor Requirements

Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati are committed to maximizing subcontracting and procurement opportunities for all qualified and available small business enterprises (SBEs). For this purpose, the County and the City have established The Banks Small Business Program. The SBE Program requires contractors to use their "good faith efforts" to facilitate achievement of SBE participation goals.

The requirements of the SBE Program do not apply to individual contracts and/or procurements valued at $5,000 or less. The SBE Program includes the following components:

  • SBE Participation Goal: This encourages contractors to make subcontracting opportunities available to small businesses which have been certified as SBEs by the City in order to achieve the percentage SBE participation goal assigned to the related contract as specified in the bid/RFP/RFQ package. To count toward the SBE participation goal, the SBE must be certified in the commodity or service code(s) that will be used on the project.
  • Outreach/Good Faith Efforts: This requires contractors to provide evidence of the outreach efforts made to SBEs in connection with the contracts related to The Banks Project.

All contracts and procurements awarded for The Banks Project, except those for professional services, will be awarded to the "lowest and best" bidder. Therefore, the inability of a contractor to meet the SBE goals established under the SBE Program will not exclude the contractor from award of a contract or procurement if the contractor's proposal or bid otherwise is deemed by the County and/or the City, as the case may be, to be the "lowest and best bid."

However, a contractor's failure to submit a SBE utilization plan with the contractor’s proposal or bid may result in a determination that the submitted proposal or bid is non-responsive, and rejection of the proposal or bid.

Related Forms

Pursuant to the SBE Program requirements, the following items are included in the bid/RFP/RFQ package and must be completed, signed and submitted with each submitted proposal or bid; failure to complete these forms with all the requested information may cause a proposal or bid to be determined to be non-responsive:

The following forms are included in the proposal or bid invitation package for information purposes only and do not have to be completed or returned with the proposal or bid.