Trash Carts To 'Friday' Households

Trash Cart Delivery To Friday Households Is Underway

Eligible households who haven't yet received their City-issued trash cart can expect to see it very soon.

We're are wrapping up delivery to eligible households with Thursday collection.

We're also starting on neighborhoods that have Friday collection. These neighborhoods include:

  • College Hill
  • East Westwood
  • Mount Airy
  • Spring Grove Village
  • Northside
  • South Cumminsville
  • Westwood
  • Millvale
  • North Fairmount
  • English Woods
  • South Fairmount

Keep an eye out for your new cart: Because crews work Monday through Saturday, delivery could happen any of those days.

Each eligible household will receive only one trash cart. Please give your new cart a try before deciding to swap it for another size.

Adding a second recycling cart to increase your recycling is an excellent way to reduce the amount of space you need in your trash cart while helping the environment. But please, don't place trash in your recycling carts.

Trash Amnesty Weeks will be announced around certain holidays, so that you can set out more holiday-related trash than fits inside your cart without penalty.

If you want an additional green recycling cart, or would like to swap your black trash cart for a different size, call 513-591-6000 or visit Your patience is appreciate as we work to get your new cart size delivered to you.

Yard Waste & Trash Don't Mix

A separate collection crew picks up yard waste every-other week in Cincinnati. You should put yard waste in a can that's clearly labeled "Yard Waste." But please remember: Trash must not be mixed in with your yard waste.

See Important Trash Dos and Don'ts for more details.