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City Planning

Carthage Neighborhood Strategy

Carthage Neighborhood Strategy

Carthage strategy meetingThe Carthage Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP), which took place from September to November 2013, was a great success!

The next step is to develop a Strategic Plan for the Carthage Neighborhood that will guide the future redevelopment and revitalization of our community.

Strategy Meeting Recap

On Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013, about 30 stakeholders from the Carthage neighborhood participated in a Strategy Meeting to think about the future of the Carthage neighborhood and take the first steps in developing a shared community vision.

We had residents, employees, property owners, business owners, and others in attendance, all sharing a common passion in their community.

Planning staff compiled the results of the discussion that evening, and summarized it here:

Building from the neighborhood’s assets (those things that are special about Carthage and are seen as successful) we created a series of Goals, Objectives, and Strategies for the neighborhood’s future development.

Below is a summary of the major assets and issues for the Carthage neighborhood and the associated Goals, Objectives, and Strategies for each.

We Want To Hear From You!

  • After reviewing the Survey Results and Assets & Goals, did we correctly interpret what you were trying to tell us about your vision for Carthage?
  • Do you think the four Goals are what your neighborhood is hoping to achieve in the future?
  • What do you think about the proposed Objectives, and Strategies?

Please let us know here:

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