Submit Plans Online

Benefits Of Going Digital

  • Saves Time: Quicker plan review and turnaround times (all reviewing agencies can simultaneously view the same version of each plan)
  • Saves Money: No scanning fees
  • Saves Paper: Only two paper sets* of hard copies of plans, properly stamped by a registered architect or engineer along with your disk are needed as you apply for a permit or make revisions (*3 sets of plans required if mechanical is included)

How To Submit Plans Online

The Digital Document Submittal Assistant helps you streamline document submittals.

Install Document Submittal Assistant

  • Accepted File Types: PDF, JPG & TIFF
  • Not Accepted: EXE and ZIP

Each page with a drawing must be represented by a single digital file. No layered drawing and no hyperlinking.

The Digital Document Submittal Assistant will ask for the location of the drawings on your computer. Once you point the program to the folder with the correct set of drawings, four details will need to be filled in:

  1. Document Status: Either "Applied" (default) or "Applied - Engineering Change" if you are submitting an Engineering Change.
  2. Document Type: A general Architectural Type, a drop down box is provided for you to choose from or type the information.
  3. Index: Identify each sheet, typically with a number or number/letter combination (ex: G001, or M203). Index field should be unique and is important to submit revisions.
  4. Document Description: Identify the description of each sheet.

Please note that "Specifications" can be multiple page documents but need to represent a physical book of specifications.

Text Example:

Applied Architectural A000 Floor Plan - 1st Floor
Applied Site Survey G001 Civic Drawing

Making Revisions & Engineering Changes Digitally

  1. Revisions: The index field is the computer’s way of identifying which drawing to replace. Please make sure the drawing you are replacing is the same number/letter combination as originally submitted. If you are adding additional drawings, these are handled as new. If your revisions include replacing drawings and adding new drawings to the submittal, your disk must contain two different folders marked as such, each with its own submittal.txt.
  2. Engineering Changes: Engineering Changes are considered new drawings and the index must indicate this by simply adding a "-EC" to the end of the index and the description. The computer sees a different index than the original drawing. Revisions to Engineering Changes are handled the same way as the Revision process.

Once you have filled in the information. Click the "Create submittal.xml" button. Once the submittal file is accepted, please copy all files (including the submittal.xml file) to a CD or DVD.

All digital submissions must be accompanied with two sets* of paper drawings and an application for the proposed work to be performed (*three sets of plans required if mechanical is included).

An application-processing fee is required for each application.

Tracking Your Project

Check the status of your project at ezTrak Online Services.

For additional assistance, contact Customer Services at 352-3271.


Printer-Friendly: Digital Submission Guide