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Greater Cincinnati Environmental Educators

Greater Cincinnati Environmental Educators is an umbrella organization composed of environmental education organizations and parks. Greater Cincinnati Environmental Educators promotes environmental education resources available to teachers throughout Greater Cincinnati. They also facilitate interaction and collaboration among environmental educator professionals and provide outreach and training to classroom teachers. For more information on Greater Cincinnati Environmental Educators, go to www.gcenvironmentaleducators.org/index.html


Imago's mission is to foster a deeper harmony with Earth by providing educational experiences, creating opportunities for discussion and community building, and conserving natural areas.

Imago offers a variety of education programs for people who want to learn more about natural history, the environment and sustainable living.

Their education programs span age groups, from toddlers and preschoolers to adults. Imago's feature education programs are based at the Earth Center, a 16-acre nature preserve for hands-on education and hikes for more than 8,000 schoolchildren and scouts each year.