Request A Proclamation

Request A Proclamation

Request A Proclamation

Requesting An Official City Proclamation

Mayor John Cranley is pleased to issue Proclamations from the City of Cincinnati to recognize special occasions or outstanding accomplishments in the lives of Cincinnati citizens.

Before submitting your request, please review these guidelines.

To Request A City Proclamation

  1. Use this proclamation template to insert your desired wording highlighting the special occasion or outstanding accomplishment that you would like the Mayor to recognize. (View a sample proclamation to get a sense of the language you might use.) 

    Please note:  All Proclamations must fit on one page.  Thank you!
  2. Email the completed sample proclamation to Jessica Baker,

  3. Enter your proclamation request online here!!

What To Expect

  • We will use your suggested wording to prepare the proclamation.
  • Please allow up to 10 business days for consideration and processing of your proclamation request.
  • You will be able to pick up the finished proclamation at the Mayor's Office (City Hall, Room 150).
  • If your request doesn't meet the guidelines or we are unable to provide a proclamation, the Mayor's Office can provide a congratulatory letter as an alternative.

Proclamation requests are honored every five years. The Mayor’s Office reserves the right to decline any request for a proclamation, as well as the right to make exceptions to the guideline procedures.