Volunteer Opportunities

Tri-State Medical Reserve Corps

Tri-State Medical Reserve Corps is the volunteer organization that most directly assists the Center for Public Health Preparedness. Volunteers receive training that prepares them to work alongside first responders during public health emergencies.

Tri-State Medical Reserve Corps welcomes members from all backgrounds and values each member's contributions. For more information about joining, please go to the Tri-State Medical Reserve Corps website. Tri-State Medical Reserve Corps provides professional training at no cost to volunteers.

Related Volunteer Organizations

  • Citizen Corps: The Federal Emergency Management Agency's strategy to help community leaders involve citizens in All Hazards Preparedness and resilience.

  • The American Red Cross: A humanitarian organization that provides relief to disaster victims and helps people prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies.

  • Emergency Support Services: A group that provides emergency response agencies with volunteers and supplies during public health emergencies.

  • Ohio Crisis Response Team: A volunteer organization that responds to recovering communities after traumatic events. Team members are mainly from mental health backgrounds and are skilled in working with communities in crisis.

  • Tri-State County Animal Response Team: Volunteers prepare citizens to provide care for animals during disasters and public health emergencies.