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Oct. 12

Cincinnati Health Department Launches Health Homes Campaign

Looking for a way to improve the health and safety of your home? The Cincinnati Health Department (CHD) can help.

The CHD is launching a new Healthy Homes Campaign to improve the health of home owners, renters and their families over the next 13 weeks. Cincinnati will become the first health district in the Greater Cincinnati area to embrace this nationally recognized home inspection standard.  

"Our goal is to make a positive contribution to the health and safety of dwellings in the city by applying the Healthy Homes principles. This overall assessment can yield changes which, if made, can improve the occupants' quality of life," said Dale Grigsby, Supervising Sanitarian for the Cincinnati Health Department.

The Healthy Homes Program is part of a new standard the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is encouraging throughout the country. The program not only focuses on the fundamental aspects of keeping a home healthy, it also addresses the entirety of what it means to have -- and keep -- a home healthy and safe.  

At the request of a homeowner or tenant, a CHD sanitarian will assess and provide information on how to prevent any health and safety hazards found during the inspection.

At no cost, these voluntary Healthy Homes assessments identify issues such as ventilation, pests, moisture, contaminants, housekeeping, safety and maintenance. If these types of issues are left unresolved in the home, they can contribute to multiple childhood illnesses such as asthma, allergies and other preventable illnesses, injuries and housing related hazards as a whole. 

The Healthy Homes model will utilize taxpayers' dollars more efficiently through enhanced productivity. For example, a CHD sanitarian can identify a mold problem while there for a pest complaint, avoiding multiple trips to the same house.

CHD will contact homeowners in defined neighborhoods by phone and in person and will work with civic groups throughout the city to make Healthy Homes Assessments available to city residents. 

CHD inspectors will be carrying a City ID at all times, and residents are encouraged to check the ID.  If a question arises, residents can call this number 564-1751 to determine whether the individual is part of the Healthy Homes team. 

"We're excited about this opportunity. I encourage residents to call and set up an assessment. Over the next three months, this campaign will increase awareness of health hazards, help improve the health of Cincinnati residents and enhance the quality of our residential dwellings," said Dr. Camille Jones, Assistant Health Commissioner.

To schedule a Healthy Homes Assessment in the city of Cincinnati, call 513-564-1751.

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