Small Fire at Rhodes Hall, 2851 Woodside, University of Cincinnati

District Chief Raffel Prophett reported on a small fire that occurred on the campus of the University of Cincinnati (UC) in the community of Clifton in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 19, 2013 at approximately 3:15pm. The Cincinnati Emergency Communications Center received the structure fire run from UC through CAD or Computer Aided Dispatching, which allows for rapid response through seamless communication.

First arriving units confirmed a working fire and immediately called for a second alarm due to the potential of the incident escalating due to life safety. However, the fire was mostly extinguished by the lab technicians using a portable extinguisher, and contained to an experiment chamber. The remaining fire was extinguished by fire crews and the incident was de-escalated, with remaining fire crews assisting with removal of residual smoke from the building. Thirty firefighters responded to the one alarm fire.

There were no reported injuries to civilians or firefighters and the damaged is nominal. The cause of the fire is due to overheating of insulation during an air craft noise experiment.

For further information please contact Marc E. Monahan, District Fire Chief at: (513)352-2333.