Fire Department

Fire Department

Hazardous Devices

Hazardous Devices Unit

The mission of the Hazardous Devices Unit is to render safe and/or remove suspected improvised explosive devices, incendiary devices, explosives, explosive chemicals, pyrotechnics and ammunition in order to protect the citizens of the City of Cincinnati and their property.

Engine Company 14, which is located at 430 Central Ave., serves as the Department's Hazardous Devices Unit (Bomb Unit). It responds to such incidents in the city and other agencies upon request, such as the FBI, Secret Service and fire departments in Northern Kentucky.

Selected members of this company are certified as "Hazardous Device" technicians and have a high degree of initial and continuing education in the field.

In addition to serving as the bomb unit, Engine Co. 14 is also utilized as a Fire/EMT Company and responds to all dispatches in their first alarm fire district.

Response activities of the Bomb Unit include activities such as:

  • VIP protection details
  • Ordnance responses
  • Bombings
  • Recovery of IEDs
  • Hoax devices
  • Recovery of explosives
  • Suspicious packages
  • Bomb threats