Fire Department

Fire Department

Personnel & Training Bureau

Assistant Fire Chief Ed DadoskyAssistant Fire Chief Ed Dadosky

The Personnel and Training Bureau is responsible for the personnel matters of the Fire Department. These duties include personnel safety matters, transfers, discipline, recruiting,and both recruit and in service training. The institution and interpretation of various federal and state laws that affect personnel matters has made the task of the Personnel and Training Bureau continually more challenging.

In order to accomplish multiple and complex tasks, Personnel and Training is staffed by 11 uniformed and 3 civilian personnel who are under the command of Assistant Fire Chief Dadosky. The staff includes officers that are trained in recruiting, personnel safety, internal investigations, and training of personnel.

Under the guidance of the Fire Chief, and the many various city agencies whose expert resources are made available, the Personnel and Training Bureau will continue to meet the challenge of equitably handling the personnel matters of the Cincinnati Fire Department.