Fire Department

Fire Department

Operations Bureau

Assistant Fire Chief Roy WinstonAssistant Fire Chief Roy Winston

The Operations Bureau is responsible for the daily activities of all fire companies, suppression fire prevention activities and is under the command of Assistant Fire Chief Roy Winston. His principle responsibilities are Division Operations, Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Service and the Bomb Squad.

The Assistant Chief supervises the assignment of personnel within the four districts, and monitors overtime and above grade pay. Reports and correspondence are reviewed daily and routed to other bureaus and City agencies.

The Bureau is the largest division of the Fire Department. Under the direction of the Operations Division Chief, the division employs 18 District Fire Chiefs, with 26 Engine Companies; 13 Truck Companies; 1 Heavy Rescue Company; 1 Bomb Unit (Engine 14): 3 Foam Units; 4 Boats and a light plant, 4 Paramedic Units, and 6 Ambulances, which are located throughout the City in 26 separate fire stations. Field operations handles all fire, rescue, and medical aid calls for service within six minutes 90% of the time; manages all major disaster responses; and staffs all engine and truck companies with four personnel assigned to each apparatus.

The Division is responsible for communicating with Police Operations to coordinate procedures at emergencies. In addition, the Division acts as liaison with the U.S. Coast Guard concerning emergencies on the Ohio River.