Enterprise Technology Solutions

Enterprise Technology Solutions

Chief Information Officer

Jayson Dunn

Chief Information Officer



To: Mayor and Members of Council

From: Harry Black, City Manager

Subject: Staffing — Director of Enterprise Technology Solutions (ETS)


I am happy to announce that effective Feb. 1, former longtime City of Cincinnati employee Jayson Dunn is returning home to lead our Department of Enterprise Technology Solutions (ETS).


Many of you had the pleasure of working with Mr. Dunn during his 11 years as a key member of the information technology teams for various City departments including Greater Cincinnati Water Works, the Fire Department and ETS. Some of you may also have had the chance to interact with him in his most recent role as the director of the Hamilton County Communications Center.


Mr. Dunn will lead ETS at an important time. As director, he will guide a team currently in the midst of a variety of transformative projects that will take Cincinnati’s tech infrastructure to a new level. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming him back to the City of Cincinnati.


Since late August, Mr. Chundur has done a fantastic job directing ETS, which has managed to implement multiple key tech upgrades during the transition period. That includes the initial launch of the new City of Cincinnati website. He accomplished this while continuing to lead the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information Systems (CAGIS), Ohio.


Those accomplishments are a credit to the leadership of Mr. Chundur and the strong team we have assembled at ETS. We are fortunate to have Mr. Chundur return to his post as Director of CAGIS.




Mr. Dunn has a lengthy career in public service that started in his hometown of Cincinnati.


He has worked in various City of Cincinnati departments, beginning as a senior computer programmer and analyst for Greater Cincinnati Water Works before moving on three years later to take on the role of computer systems analyst for Cincinnati Fire Department.


In 2007, Mr. Dunn moved to ETS where he spent nearly five years working as the Information Technology Assistant Manager.


Most recently, Mr. Dunn served as the director of the Hamilton County Communications Center. While there he provided executive leadership to nearly 90 county employees, managed budgets that exceeded more than $12 million and guided a community-based effort to find new funding sources for the Hamilton County 9-1-1 Center.


One of his greatest accomplishments was negotiating a $14 million radio system upgrade that resulted in $6 million in cost reductions, $500,000 in equipment credits and $200,000 in annual maintenance savings. This effort also created a shared services agreement with the State of Ohio.


He has various professional certifications, including information systems security, and was published in Public Safety Communications Magazine as a featured author.


Mr. Dunn began his collegiate career at Cincinnati State Technical College, where he earned his Associate for Science in Information Technology. He went to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Franklin University with a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management and a Master of Business Administration (MBA).