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Enterprise Technology Solutions provides information technology solutions that increase the business effectiveness of local government and law enforcement agencies, and their customers, in Hamilton County.

In 1966, law enforcement agencies throughout Hamilton County recognized that, in many ways, their informational requirements were similar. Initial studies indicated a need for a major effort in the law enforcement area to allow law enforcement agencies to share data and systems. The computerization of law enforcement information processing and communications systems was launched to serve more than 50 autonomous law enforcement agencies.

This concept of sharing data and resources between independent government entities activated federal financial support under the Law Enforcement Assistance Act. Citizen support for a Regional Crime Information Center followed in 1967 with the approval of a countywide tax levy. Thus, Project CLEAR (County Law Enforcement Applied Regionally) was formally created by agreement between Cincinnati City Council and the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners

The spirit of cooperation generated through Project CLEAR served as an impetus for City and County officials to combine forces and information technology to support a unified center to meet the needs of the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. On March 20, 1968, the City of Cincinnati's Division of Data Processing became a part of the Enterprise Technology Solutions (formerly the Regional Computer Center) of the City of Cincinnati, along with CLEAR. Soon thereafter, Project HAMCO (Hamilton County Information Systems) joined the ETS.