West Martin Luther King Drive

West MLK Drive


The purpose of this project is to address roadway safety concerns along West Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (West MLK Drive) from near West McMicken Avenue to Clifton Avenue.

The City has received numerous complaints concerning safety and congestion issues along this roadway.

Also, there are a high number of accidents with parked cars and sideswipe accidents along West MLK Drive.

City staff is also concerned with the problems pedestrians are facing with trying to maneuver the Clifton Avenue/W. MLK Drive intersection.

Project Goals

  • Make the West MLK Drive Corridor accommodating for pedestrians, bicycles and transit
  • Decrease crash rates for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Reduce congestion and improve intersection turning capabilities
  • Complete construction with minimal impacts on the community
  • Keep the community informed on the project’s progress and schedule
  • Coordinate with other roadway projects (I-75 Hopple Street Interchange)

Next Steps

This street project will begin at the W. McMicken Avenue/MLK intersection and continue east along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to the Clifton Avenue/MLK intersection.

East of Dixmyth, the plan has been modified to reflect comments received from Parks and the community:

The project is scheduled to begin construction in the summer of 2015.