Trivia Questions
  1. In how many places in City Hall can you see the Great Seal of the City of Cincinnati? Above the archway on the west wall of the courtyard now used for parking; on the doorknobs; at least two of the windows; maybe more.
  2. Did Cincinnati have a Council, Mayor, and City Manager when City Hall was built? No. There was a Mayor but no City Manager. Council had several different names between 1887 and 1893.
  3. What was the village called before Governor St. Clair named it Cincinnati? Losantiville, possibly made up by John Filson.
  4. Were any of the neighboring buildings here when City Hall opened in 1893? St. Peter in Chains Cathedral (1845), Plum Street Temple (1866), Covenant-First Presbyterian Church (1875), Shillito's Department Store, now called Shillito Lofts (1877).
  5. What other Cincinnati buildings in use today did Samuel Hannaford design? Music Hall, Phoenix Building, Elsinore Gate, Fechheimer House, St. George Church, and others.
  6. Does the Hummel Company that did the stonework for City Hall still exist? Yes. David Hummel Building Company is in St. Bernard. They opened the cornerstone in 1988.