$3M Lead Safety Grant

$3M Lead Safety Grant

Apr. 19

Mayor Mallory accepts the grant from HUD Regional Administrator Antonio Riley

Mayor Accepts $3M Lead Safety Grant From US Department Of Housing & Urban Development

HUD Regional Administrator In Town To Deliver Grant

Mayor Mark Mallory today accepted a $3 million Lead Safety Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Department of Community Development will use the $3 million to make at least 240 homes in Cincinnati safe from lead paint. Antonio Riley, the Regional Administrator of HUD from the Chicago Office, came to City Hall to deliver the grant.

"We have to do everything that we can to protect our children from lead paint exposure," Mayor Mallory said. "Over the last 5 years, the City's partnership with HUD has allowed us to make hundreds of homes safe, and protect thousands of young people. This new grant will allow us to continue that progress and protect even more children."

The grant is the fourth Lead Safety Grant that the City of Cincinnati has received since 2007, and with each grant the City has exceeded the expectations of the grant. In 2007, the Health Department received $3 million to address 210 homes, but was able to address 286 homes. In 2008, the Department of Community Development received $3 million to address 240 homes, but was able to address 279 homes. And most recently, the Health Department received $4.5 million to address 325 units, which is in progress.

The City has a two-part Lead Safety program. The Department of Community Development addresses lead safety for single-family, owner-occupied homes. The Health Department's program focuses on rental units and multi-family buildings. The Health Department's lead inspectors coordinate inspections for both programs.

Exposure to lead paint is one of the greatest threats to our children's health.  Exposure at a young age can have potentially serious effects on children's physical and mental development.

Lead poisoning is an especially large problem in Cincinnati. Approximately 88% of the housing stock in the City of Cincinnati was built before 1979, which was the year lead-based paint was banned.

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