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Visionary Plan For Cincinnati's Future

City Planning Commission Reviews Visionary Plan For Cincinnati's Future

The City of Cincinnati Planning staff presented PLAN Cincinnati, a comprehensive visionary plan that focuses on what the City will look like in the future, to the City Planning Commission for approval.

PLAN Cincinnati is the culmination of a three-year interactive engagement process involving a cross-section of community residents and leaders -- from our youngest citizens to our most senior. The result of those efforts is a long-range plan to promote growth, protect the environment and influence future development in Cincinnati.

"We have made great progress in Cincinnati over the last several years. PLAN Cincinnati will lock that in and take us to the next level," Mayor Mallory said. "We can be the best city that Cincinnati can be, and this is the plan to get us there."

The vision for the future of Cincinnati is focused on an unapologetic drive to create and sustain a thriving, inclusive urban community where creativity and innovation thrive. PLAN Cincinnati encompasses the voices from 52 neighborhoods into its design. The PLAN compliments the regional work being done by Agenda 360, Vision 2015, Hamilton County Community COMPASS, Building Cincinnati, OKI 2030 Transportation Plan and the OKI Strategic Regional Policy Plan, Strive Together and others.

"We heard from residents from every community in Cincinnati," said Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls. "PLAN Cincinnati will guide the City's investment in our neighborhoods. Cincinnati's neighborhoods were built as pedestrian-oriented, mixed use communities. Plan Cincinnati is a road map that will take the momentum we are experiencing in downtown and Over-the-Rhine into the city's neighborhoods."

PLAN Cincinnati outlines five key initiative areas:

  • Compete - Be the pivotal economic force of the region.
  • Connect - Bring people and places together.
  • Live - Strengthen our magnetic City with energized people.
  • Sustain - Steward resources and ensure long-term vitality.
  • Collaborate - Partner to reach our common goals.

"The message is clear. Residents want us to use the best of what we already have in our City to move to where we want to be," said City Manager Milton Dohoney, Jr. "We will not only encourage new businesses coming here, but we will focus on 'growing our own' by expanding our own small businesses and strengthening existing business clusters."

Each initiative area has a series of goals, strategies, action steps and tasks to deliver desired outcomes. The research and recommendations of previous plans are covered in the scope of PLAN Cincinnati which includes Economic Development, Housing, Transportation, Health, Arts and Culture, among others.

"PLAN Cincinnati will evolve as it is implemented. Over time, we will adjust the PLAN to meet current needs while maintaining an overall integrated approach," said City Director of Planning and Buildings Charles Graves. "We don't need to build a new city, we simply need to build on the assets we already have."

Future Capital Budgets for the City will be consistent with, and guided by, PLAN Cincinnati. The City will focus its funding on projects that will stabilize targeted neighborhoods and create transformative change. The vibrancy of residents depends upon decreasing instances of mortality and chronic disease in neighborhoods, by incorporating ways to get people moving, reduce harmful environmental impacts, improve air and water quality, and ensure access to and education about healthy, high quality food in the PLAN.

PLAN Cincinnati will be reviewed annually, including a progress update to City Council, during the City's newly developed Priority-Driven Budget process which is based on the tenets guiding PLAN Cincinnati. The PLAN will be updated every five years. After 10 years, the City will decide whether PLAN Cincinnati should be updated or completely rewritten.

After City Council adopts the PLAN, the next steps will be to develop consistent planning policies for the City Planning Commission to ensure adherence to the PLAN and to provide guidance for the future development of neighborhood plans.

Copies of the PLAN are available online at