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Trash Cart Rollout Starts Next Week

City Of Cincinnati Trash Carts Roll Out Next Week

Standardized Carts Will Protect Workers, Save Taxpayer Money

The City of Cincinnati will begin rolling out new trash carts to approximately 90,000 households next week. The 65-gallon carts will help protect workers, improve efficiency and save taxpayer money.

Trash cartSingle-family homes and multi-family homes up to 4 units will receive the carts, which have wheels and an attached lid. The real key is the metal lift bar, which allows the City to move to semi-automated trash collection.

In semi-automation, workers won't be manually lifting and dumping trash anymore. Instead, they'll roll the cart over to the truck, which has a mechanical flipper arm. The mechanical arm does all the heavy lifting and dumping. For comparison, recycling is already collected through a semi-automated system in Cincinnati.

"By implementing standardized trash carts, Cincinnati joins cities across America that have seen tangible benefits to modernizing their trash collection systems," said Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney, Jr.

"Trash carts will help create a safer work environment, and that means we save taxpayers' money by reducing costly injuries," said Michael Robinson, Director of the Department Public Services. "They're also going to help keep Cincinnati's neighborhoods cleaner because of the attached lids and wind-resistance."

Delivery will take about 5 months, following the planned schedule:

Monday April
Tuesday May
Wednesday June
Thursday July
Friday August

Each eligible household will receive only one cart, but they can swap for a larger or smaller size depending on what they need. Citizens should try their new cart for 2 weeks before swapping for another size.

Recycling can greatly reduce waste, so citizens are encouraged to visit if they need an additional recycling cart.

The City also plans to have Trash Amnesty Weeks around certain holidays, so that citizens can set out more holiday-related trash than fits inside their cart without penalty.

Visit for more details about the program, including Important Trash Dos and Don'ts.