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Trash Cart Delivery To 'Tuesday Households'

Trash Cart Delivery To 'Tuesday Households' Starts Next Week

The next phase of the City of Cincinnati’s trash cart delivery starts next week and will run through the month of May.

The neighborhoods of Bond Hill, Carthage, Hartwell, Kennedy Heights, Madisonville, North Avondale, Paddock Hills, Roselawn, and parts of Avondale, Evanston and Oakley will receive their 65-gallon carts. These are areas with Tuesday trash pickup; however, residents in these neighborhoods should expect carts to be delivered Monday through Saturday.

The City has already delivered 17,900 of the standard 65-gallon carts (to households with Monday trash pickup). Citizens can swap for a larger or smaller cart, depending on their needs. About 2 percent of households who've received a cart have opted to swap. The carts are designed to help protect workers, improve efficiency and save taxpayer money. 

"These enhancements are definitely helping neighborhoods and workers," said City Manager Milton Dohoney, Jr. “We are already starting to see less litter in areas using the carts.”

Single-family homes and multi-family homes up to 4 units will receive the carts throughout the summer. The carts have wheels and an attached lid. The real key is a metal lift bar, which allows the City to move to semi-automated trash collection.

“Our crews are glad there's a better way to pick up the 11 or 12 tons of trash they average on a daily basis," said Michael Robinson, Director of the Department Public Services. "It's taking a lot of strain off of their bodies allowing them to remain healthy and helping us reduce workers comp injuries.”

Future phases of the cart deliveries are as follows:

Trash Pickup Day


Estimated Delivery Month


Each eligible household will receive only one cart, and residents are asked to please try their new cart for 2 weeks before requesting to swap for another size. Residents are being reminded that recycling can significantly lower the amount of household waste they generate, so they are encouraged to visit to order an extra recycling cart.

Trash Amnesty Weeks will be announced around certain holidays, so that citizens can set out more holiday-related trash than fits inside their cart without penalty.

Visit the Public Services website for more details, including Important Trash Dos and Don'ts.

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