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MSD Chemist Wins Fulbright Scholarship

Archal GargMSD Chemist Wins Fulbright Scholarship, Travels To Namibia

Achal Garg, senior chemist at the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, will spend the next five months working in Namibia after winning a prestigious Fulbright scholarship.

Garg, an employee in MSDGC's Division of Industrial Waste, arrived late last week in southern Africa. During his five-month stay, he will be working with Polytechnic of Namibia on three goals:

  1. Research: First, Garg will assess the water quality of various water sources in Namibia. This will include the surface water (rivers) and ground water (wells). For this, he will collect samples from rivers and wells in the area and perform a battery of tests to establish the water quality from each source. Eventually, this information will be used to establish a Water Quality Index for each source to help authorities to maximize the use of water. The second goal of his research will be to study the wastewater and drinking water treatment processes. Garg will work both with the wastewater treatment plant professionals to study their wastewater treatment processes and compare that with the treatment processes applied here at MSDGC and Greater Cincinnati Water Works.
  2. Teaching: Garg will also teach two courses on wastewater, water monitoring and public health; one to the undergraduate students and another to students enrolled in the master’s degree program. He will also help the Department of Environmental Science at the Polytechnic of Namibia develop curriculum on water and wastewater monitoring and public health.
  3. Ongoing Monitoring: The last component of Garg's work will be to set up a water monitoring laboratory at the Polytechnic of Namibia and train staff on the methods. Once functional, this lab will continue to monitor the Water Quality Index of rivers and wells in Namibia and train environmental professionals for the future thereby improving the water quality of the region

"Congratulations to Mr. Garg on this prestigious accomplishment. It's another example of the tremendous talent and selfless dedication of public servants," City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr. said.

"Achal will now be able to use his expertise to further water management best practices on a global scale. His expertise and teachings will be invaluable and this opportunity will greatly extend MSD's focus on environmental excellence," said MSDGC Director J. Anthony Parrott.

To follow Garg's work in Namibia, follow his blog at