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Holiday Recycling

Holiday Recycling

You can recycle much of your leftover gift wrap, boxes and other holiday items.

Here are a few tips:

  • Paper Gift Wrap: OK to recycle all the paper gift wrapping in your cart (but no ribbon, bows or foil wrapping).
  • Cardboard Boxes: Break all cardboard boxes into 3-foot-by-3-foot (or smaller) pieces. Place in your recycling cart or stack neatly next to the cart. Do not put additional cardboard in another cardboard box -- only place pieces together in a pile next to the recycling cart.
  • Christmas Trees: Please take to one of the drop-off centers, where it will be chipped and used for mulch.
  • Old Electronics: Bring them to the Hamilton County collection event on Saturday Jan. 12, 2013. (event details and info on other electronic recycling resources)
  • Bottles & Cans: Place all bottles and cans in your recycling cart.
  • #5 Plastics: These plastics, such as yogurt and butter containers & medicine bottles, can be taken to local Whole Foods Markets
  • Plastic Bags: Please don’t put your recycling in plastic bags before putting it in your recycling cart. Plastic bags can be taken to most grocery stores for separate recycling.