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Fire Safety In Hot, Dry Weather

Cincinnati Fire Department Reminds Citizens Of Fire Safety During Hot, Dry Weather

The Cincinnati Fire Department warns the public of the dangers associated with fireworks, campfires, outside grilling and careless disposal of cigarettes during the hot and dry weather.

In the United States, about 2.5 million acres (one acre = a football field, approximately) of developed lands and wildlands burn every year. Some fires are caused by campers who neglect to properly extinguish campfires. Other wildland fires result from lit cigarettes tossed onto the dry ground.

The Cincinnati Fire Department also encourages all citizens to keep themselves and their loved ones safe by adhering to fire codes relating to fireworks. Annually, fireworks injure 6,000 to 8,000 Americans; more than half of these injuries occur during the first week of July.

Please keep in mind the Ohio Fire Code has placed restrictions on the public use and sale of fireworks. For example, it stipulates, "No person shall construct a retail display nor offer for sale explosives, explosive materials, or fireworks upon highways, sidewalks, public property, or in assembly or educational occupancies."

In addition, Ohio and Cincinnati Fire Codes has established qualifications for operators firing fireworks. In the City limits only qualified persons can fire fireworks.

The Cincinnati Fire Prevention Code states, "The person in actual charge of the firing of fireworks shall be able-bodied, not less than 21 years of age, competent for the task and have had not less than one year's experience as an assistant operator of such displays."

Adherence to fire codes will serve to protect individuals from harm.