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CFD Firefighters Deployed To East Coast

Cincinnati Firefighters Part Of Ohio Task Force One Deploy To The East Coast

The Cincinnati Fire Department is proud to recognize seven of their firefighters who also serve as members of Ohio Task Force One. The firefighters were recently deployed to the East Coast to aid in hurricane response efforts.

Six of the firefighters are currently working in Lafayette, New Jersey conducting door to door searches:

  • District Chief Thomas Lakamp (Task Force Leader)
  • District Chief Duane Herth (Safety Officer)
  • Lt. Kevin McMullen (Search Team Manager)
  • Lt. Marty Oevermeyer (HAZMAT Team Specialist)
  • Mike Lotz (Rescue Team Manager)
  • Benjamin Brink (Ground Support)

Captain Mike Cayse is working as a Search Team Manager with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Incident Support Team in Long Island, New York.

"CFD is proud of our firefighters who serve as members of Ohio Task Force One. These firefighters go over and beyond their call of duty, by lending their knowledge and experience to local and national recovery efforts," stated Fire Chief Richard Braun.

The mission of Ohio Task Force One is the location and extrication of victims entombed by structural collapse. This type of work, commonly called Urban Search and Rescue, is one of the most demanding and resource-intensive forms of emergency response.

Task Force membership requires advanced training in search and rescue disciplines. These skills are immediately available to the local department for which the team member works. Membership on the Task Force also provides opportunities for management and leadership positions, interaction with state and national leaders, and opportunities to work in areas significantly impacted by disaster. The skills and experiences gained by Task Force members prepare them to better serve their community.