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Ault Park QR Code Pilot Project

Ault Park Pilot Project Brings Information & History To The Palm Of Your Hand

Cincinnati Parks has launched a new partnership with local small business, QuipTV. Together Cincinnati Parks and QuipTV are launching a pilot project in Ault Park where various plant species will be tagged with Quick Response ("QR") codes which allow smartphone users to simply scan the QR code and be taken to a short video "infoquip" to discover useful and interesting facts about the plants, the park, the community, and lets you know where you can locally purchase the same type of plants for your own backyard.

WHO: Cincinnati Parks and QuipTV

WHAT: New Pilot Project at Ault Park that utilizes QR codes to inform and educate participants on local horticulture, history, and the benefits of plants and the importance of supporting the community

This experience allows for an interactive exchange of information through the use of this smart technology. The QR code becomes a virtual tour guide enriching the park visitor's experience. The intention is to educate, provide options for citizens to be more proactive, and empower people to build stronger communities.

Throughout 2012, Cincinnati Parks has been broadening its technological reach. With a brand new website that launched in July and a new mobile application available on all three major mobile markets, this new partnership caps off a tremendous year of technological innovations for Cincinnati Parks.

"There's nothing like this out there," said Kris Kubicki, co-founder of QuipTV. "Cincinnati Parks and QuipTV will lead the way with this innovative technology and set a new standard for all parks."

About QuipTV

QuipTV is a QR code catalyst company, connecting information and communities. QuipTV puts substance behind the QR code; engaging people with their surroundings, and by promoting buying local embraces the American spirit- which is the heart & soul of every community.