Bicycle Transportation Program

Bicycle Transportation Program

Bike Laws

This guide has been produced by the City of Cincinnati Department of Transportation, and is designed to help inform both cyclists and law enforcement officers of the rights and responsibilities of cyclists on Cincinnati streets.

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Traffic Laws

  • Does a cyclist have to obey traffic laws?
  • Does a cyclist have to ride in the same direction as traffic?
  • Does a cyclist always have to ride to the right?
  • Does a cyclist have to ride in a bike lane if one is present?
  • Is it legal for cyclists to ride two abreast?
  • Is it legal to ride on the sidewalk?
  • Can cars be parked in a bike lane?
  • Does Cincinnati have a 3-foot passing law?

Common Crash Types

  • Passing too closely
  • Dooring
  • Left-turning vehicle
  • Right-turning vehicle

What To Do In Case Of A Bike Crash

Safety Equipment

  • Does a bicycle need a bell?
  • Does a bicycle with a fixed gear need a brake?
  • Does a bicycle need lights when being driven at night?
  • Are cyclists required to wear helmets?

Bike Parking Or Security

  • Where can a bicycle be locked?
  • What is the best way to lock a bicycle?
  • How does a citizen request that a bike rack be installed in a specific location?
  • Are buildings required to have bicycle parking?

Bicycles On Metro & TANK Buses

Safely Crossing Streetcar Tracks

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