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Law Department

Damage Claims

How To File A Damage Claim

A claimant must provide the following information to the City:

  1. Claimant's name, mailing address and telephone number.
  2. Written statement describing incident.
  3. Copy of all claimant's insurance coverage relevant to this claim.
  4. Written statement of costs incurred.

To file a claim, contact Customer Service at 591-6000 or contact the department involved in the Claim directly.

Section 2744.05 (B) of the Ohio Revised Code limits the rights of a person who has a claim against a municipal corporation to the amount of the loss sustained less the total of all insurance benefits the person is entitled to receive under all applicable insurance policies.

The net effect of this provision is that the City of Cincinnati is liable only for the payment of your insurance deductible and any other item of damage of expense not covered by your insurance policy.